Scroll Over Photographs And View Actual Finished Restorations.

Adjust Contrast, Brightness And Restored Photograph.

Faded black and white picture of man and woman riding in a old buggy being drawn by a horse.

Seriously Faded Picture, Small Scratches.

Young boy is shown standing in front of a tree in the heavey faded photograph.

Removed Numerous Scratches.

Little baby sitting in front of window is a good examp;e of a faded picture repaired.

Contrast and Brighness Adjusted And Photo Restored.

Great faded photo that has been restored of a man in a cowboy hat holding his girlfriend.

Photographs must be restored and preserved or they will be lost to future generations.

Scroll over photographs and view actual restorations.

Very Old Picture With Medium Fading, Dirt and Dust.

Young girl sitting on couch holding flowers in sepia photo, picture.

1910 Faded Black And White.

1880 faded photo of family man standing in front of a fence.

Cordova Alaska In Early 1900's.

Faded photo of 1940 picture of Cordova, Alaska.

Very Faded Photo With Many Scratches.

Badly damaged and faded photograph of a man holding up a bear that he just shot in the north Georgia Mountains.

Fix Scratches, Fading And Complete Restoration.

 Excellent photo repair and restoration of a faded photo of a man sitting on a chair.


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