Scroll Over Photographs And View Actual Finished Restorations.

Colorized Black And White To Color.

black and white photo repaired and restored and colorized to color photo showing before and after

Removed Numerous Scratches And Missing Sections Of Photograph.

Nigerian Family posing for this family black and white picture has numerous creases, folds, missing sections and heavy fading.

Small Oval - Fading, Mold Removal And Repair.

Mother and grandmother pose for this old small oval

Form Object

Scroll over photographs and view actual restorations.

!902 Black And White. Creases, Folds, Scratch And Contrast.

Grandmother grandfather and grandchild photo restoration

Fix Creases, Folds, Scratches,Fading And Complete Restoration.

Mother with a baby in her arms.

Early American Cowboys In Their Best Outfits Of The Day.

19th century cowboys in Kansas

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Getting Started

For over 14 years we've been fielding questions from our customers concerning the necessary steps they might use to get the photograph restoration process started.

On this page we will offer suggestions about scanning, mailing options available to you and the amount of time needed to restore the photograph.

We hope we have addressed the most asked questions on this page...if not send us a short email: email and we will get right back to you.

We're always available for a free evaluation concerning the restoration and repair of your cherished family photographs.


How Do I Get My Photographs To You?

Currently, we offer three methods.

  • The old fashioned way:.."US Postal Service"....I've never had a problem with the USPS.
  • By means of e-mail, as an attachment.
  • By submitting the Photo Information Request found on the "Free Evaluation" page.

Mailing Instructions.

  • When mailing your photographs always remember to place them firmly between two stiff pieces of cardboard that are slightly larger than the photo.
  • Sturdy mailing envelopes are available from the US Postal Service.
  • Clearly mark the envelope “PHOTOS - DO NOT BEND”. 
  • For oversized photos, a cardboard mailing tube maybe more appropriate.
  • Another option is to mail the photos on a CD.

Scanning Your Photographs

If you have a scanner...

It's important that you thoroughly clean the scanner glass plate of dust or finger prints, the scanner's sensor will pick up even a speck of dust.

  • When handling photos, slides or negatives, touch only the edges. Finger oils leave unwanted fingerprints which will later destroy the area where you touched the image.
  • Align the photograph as straight as possible on the scanner.
  • Scan all photographs in color mode including black and white. The color mode will extract more data and we'll remove (desaturate) all color before restoration.
  • Scan with all corrections turned off. Do NOT set the scanner to any auto adjustments.
  • Save the image in a .jpg or .jpeg format.
  • Torn photos that are in 2 pieces can be scanned together.

If you don’t have a scanner...

Many office supply stores (OfficeMax, Staples, FedEx and Kinko's) are more than willing to help ..."walk you through"...the necessary steps.

What Resolution Should The Photographs Be Scanned?

Photographs 2x3 inches or smaller should be scanned at a resolution of 1200 dpi. 

 Photographs 5x7 inches should be scanned at 600 dpi.

Photographs 8x10 or larger should be at 300 dpi.

How Long Will The Restoration Of My Photograph Take?

That depends on several factors.

  • The number of photographs submitted for restoration.
  • The extent of the damage that needs to be corrected on each photograph.
  • Each photograph is evaluated on it's own merits.

For a free photo evaluation : 404-550-2330
or email: Photo Repair America

Summary of Photo Restoration Services

Photo America restoration has been offering the very best professionally edited, digital retouching, repair and restoration services since 1999. We understand the value you place on your family photographs and take every precaution to ensure your complete satisfaction with your restored pictures.

Your original photograph, along with the photo copy of the restoration, will be returned by registered mail...carefully prepared to guarantee no damage during shipment. All corrections are digitized, restored and printed on archival paper of your choice providing a beautiful family heirloom you'll be proud to display for years.