Reddish Tint Remover and Picture Restored To Original Luster.

Color photo showing a man sitting on a couch with a drink in his hand before photo restoration. The completed photo shows the restoration.

Color Corrected and Photo Repaired and Missing areas Reconstructed.

Color picture with a young girl standing beside a bycycle. The area around the front wheel is missing and the photo repair shows the completed wheel.

Missing Section Restored and Color Tones Corrected.

A man is taking his son on his sholders through a field. The top left corner of the photo is missing and there a scratches and tears.

Our final results capture a moment otherwise lost in time

Picture On A Wooden Board and Varnished... Taken With I-Phone.

College football player is show running the ball in this photo.The photo was on a piece of board and varnished. On top of that the varnish has turned red.

Stains, Mold Removed and Color Adjustments.

Color before and after photo of lady

1970 University of Florida Theta Chi College Fraternity Group Photo.

1970 University of Florida group picture of the members of Theta Chi Fraternity. Color corrected

Tonal Changes Revive This Special Photo.

Young girl sitting on floor in this color picture.
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Old color photos can turn overly red or blue with age, but thanks to today's technology, all those spots, creases, discolorations, and other damages can be digitally repaired, and you'll have a brand new image.

We hope you've enjoy this color photo repair video review of a 1950's color photo.

We will...also... extract the small child from the photo, enlarge the extraction and feather the edges to create this small counter-top oval.


Transcript of Color Photo Repair Video

Today we will examine an early 1950's color photograph taken with an early Kodak Instamatic Camera and submitted for restoration and repair.

You might remember the instamatic were able to take a snapshot and the picture would develop... while you held it in your hand.

One of the most common repairs we are requested to perform is the separation or..."flaking"... of the image from the paper.

As you can see...this photo has considerable..."flaking".

During our conversation with the owner of the photograph she mentioned that she was the little girl in the photo.

While working on the restoration we decided to offer an addition idea not immediately recognized  by the owner.
We'd like to present you with an example of such an opportunity.

We extracted the image of the little girl, enlarged the extraction, feathered the edges and created this small personal oval perfect for framing.

Now, I'm sure your ready to view the after restoration. Notice the bright clean colors. The colors of the little girls dresses now "pop", the background corrections have been adjusted and the numerous areas of flaking across the image have been restored.

Thank you for your time and we greatly appreciate you visiting Atlanta Photo Restoration and if we can be of any help just give us a call...404-550-2330...

Color photo of 3 young girls sitting on steps before photo repair.


Color photo of 3 young girls sitting on steps before photo repair.

Color photo of 3 young girls sitting on steps after photo repair.