What a Colorful World!

The world is filled with color. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat and places we see, color is unavoidable...


Seeing Black and White

Throughout much of photography’s history, the only option a photographer had for taking pictures was black and white photography.


Picture This!

Even with the inclusion of color photography, black and white photos were less expensive to develop and offered better quality.


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Colorized Black And White To Color.

black and white photo repaired and restored and colorized to color photo showing before and after

Objects Removed And Total Color Restoration.

Color image of older man sitting on lounge chair next to a garden.

Complete Color Repair And Restoration.

Color photo of girl sitting on top of a horse in the woods.
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Antique Chalk Photograph Video Review!

The chalk...crayon...
portrait is a term that includes both free hand and photographic renderings that was popular from 1860 to the early twentieth century....


Form Object

Scroll over photographs and view actual restorations.

Color picture with tears, small missing section and badly faded

Color picture with tears, small missing section and badly faded.

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What a Colorful World!

The world is filled with color. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat and places we see, color is unavoidable.

However, it is easy to take something we see naturally for granted, until we look at a color photograph that does not reflect the natural essence of the original object or person. Then, we blame the camera or the photographer for the image captured in color photography.

Whether the picture is an image of a person, place or thing, color will fill the photograph in one way or another.

Color photography is a significant way to capture the fullness of a moment or the expression on a person’s face. Although details abound within photos, great images are the result of careful consideration for where the emphasis is placed. Simply buying the latest camera is no substitute for overlooking the elements of good color photography. However, when attention is given to shapes and forms, a color photograph becomes our view into the world.

Modern color photography has developed literally and figuratively sinceJames Maxwell father of color photography Scottish physicist James C. Maxwell took the first color photograph in 1861.

Most photographers know that taking great pictures go beyond point and shoot. Yet, we cannot separate the camera from the photographer. They work in unison to create the right feeling or mood in a color photograph. Even the most advanced equipment used in an exotic location can produce an unflattering picture.

Typically, color is exploited by amateur and seasoned photographers. Both can impact how we perceive pictures when color is part of a scene. We look at a picture and will either love it or leave it.

When the photographer captures the right level of harmony in a photograph, we most likely will love it. By contrast, failing to maximize the power of color in an image is a good reason to leave it.

Lighting the Way

The first consideration a picture perfect color image is the lighting that surrounds the object of the photo. Indirect lighting usually makes it easier to capture authentic colors. This may produce a realistic image that adds meaning or a dramatic effect to color photos.

Color is in the Eye of the Beholder.

There are times, however, when ideal lighting is not available to capture bold pictures effectively. Generally, photographers can create artificial light for iridescent color photos with a polarizing lens. With the proper angle, anyone taking pictures can control the amount of light to either reduce glares or intensify colors.

Colorizing Old Photos

Recognizing the power of color in photography is a great tool for taking pictures. Colorizing old photographs is another way that we can color our world. Professional photography restoration and repair services abound where we can take something old and make new memories by adding color.