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Colorized Black And White To Color.

black and white photo repaired and restored and colorized to color photo showing before and after

Naval Wedding Circa 1950.



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Scroll over photographs and view actual restorations.

Early American Cowboys In Their Best Outfits Of The Day.

19th century cowboys in Kansas

1928 Gathering Of Wyoming Cowboys In A Bar. Great Picture. Contrast, Scratches And Folds Corrected.

Early american cowboys in a bar out west

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Seeing Black and White is a Good Thing

Throughout much of photography’s history, the only option a photographer had for taking pictures was black and white photography.

Even as more people began to use color photography, the quality of black and white pictures was preferred. The fact that it was less expensive to develop black and white photography also added to its appeal.

As color photography processing improved among novice and seasoned photographers, black and white photography experienced a decline in popularity.

In recent years, however, black and white photos have enjoyed a restoration of sorts. These photos offer the promise of a timeless nature that is not available with color pictures.

What is Good about Black and White?

There is an air of timelessness, romance and class to black and white photos. The desired effect in a photograph may stand out more in black and white.Largely dependent on the subject, a photographer might use black and white film to achieve a tone that is both somber and stark. This contrast is less likely to occur with color film capturing the same subject.

While color has vibrancy that commands attention, the same mixture of hues can become a distraction.

Tips for Seeing Things in Black and White

Less noticeable elements of a photograph are likely to stand out in black and white. As a result, a photographer will pay close attention to textures and lighting when capturing a moment in black and white.

Framing light and shadows properly are considered strengths in taking black and white pictures. Under proper lighting conditions, the photographic image is a beautiful masterpiece. However, the same image can appear too dark or washed out with bad lighting.

Let’s Get Digital

While the origins of photography are rooted in black and white, today’s digital cameras can enhance the advantages found in this photographic form. Most digital cameras on the market have black and white settings.

A better quality camera is essential to achieving positive effects with pictures. There are ways to produce high-quality photos even if the black and white settings are not the best.
For instance, a photographer can take a color picture make a black and white photo with editing software. Using the right contrast grade to accentuate or minimize the photo can help to improve its quality.

Restoration techniques may also bring out the best in a black and white picture.

Restoring Old Photos

Essentially, black and white photography adds a timeless, nostalgic feel to photos that were taken yesterday. Yet, old photos can also be restored to look like a recent picture. Dull pictures come to life with the removal of blemishes and imperfections. People can relive an important part of history whether that history occurred 100 years, one year or one day ago.