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110 format color transparency needing scanned.

126 format ekatachrome transparency

35mm half frame slide

35mm slide

Super 35mm slide plasticrome
Negatives to digital

From slides to disc to print, we do it all.
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35mm Slide Scanning Service in Atlanta

Digitize and Archive your 35mm slides to DVD for preservation.

Scanning 35mm negative slides to a digital format and transfering to DVD or CD has never been more easy. Once scanned, we will convert your 35mm slides to digital format and transfer all conversions to your choice of a CD, DVD or USB master.  Once scanned, converted and saved, you have the assurance that they are now preserved for future viewing.


Restored And Repaired Photo Prints From Selected Slides Are Available Upon Request.

Having your slides scanned and converted to a digital format enables you to distribute printed photo copies of that memorable birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift to family members or special friends.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small

We regularly handle small family collections of a handful of slides to major digital conversions of thousands of images.

If you feel that your slides have been a little beaten up over the years, we offer color correction services where we can spend more time manually correcting the colors in the digital image. For slides that need restoration, we can do that as well!

35mm Slides Are Rapidly Deteriorating.

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Don't let your slides sit in storage and fade or mold over time. Pre-1978 35mm color slides suffer from fading, deterioration and are extremely difficult to determine the amount of damage that has occured without actually scanning and displaying the photograph clearly...using a wide format monitor.

Improvements In Software

Improvements in software have made color and contrast correction affordable...However, to achieve the best possible results, each slide should be restored and color corrections applied by an experienced professional before preserving the digital photographs to disc.

Slides will fade for a variety of reasons.

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Chemical Reactions

35mm Slide Resolution

35mm Slides are scanned at a much higher resolution than photos, for the simple reason that slides are smaller.
The choice of resolution for slides generally depends on how you plan to use the images. For some applications, standard resolution (2,000 dpi) will be just fine, while for others, you'll get the best result by choosing HIGH resolution (4,000 dpi).

Scan Resolution

Print Size

Pixel Dimensions

File Size (TIFF)

# Files / CD (8bit)

# Files / DVD (8bit)

1678 DPI

5" x 7"

1500 x 2100

9.1 MB



2662 DPI

8" x 10"

2400 x 3000

20.6 MB



4000 DPI

12" x 18"

3600 x 5400

56.5 MB



We can adjust the size of the scanned photographs to suit your needs.